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PC Setup and Repair

   Tired of pounding on the keyboard, just waiting for your old pc to do something? ANYTHING! We can help! Whether you bit the bullet and bought another, or just want to see if there's any life left in your old one, WE CAN HELP!


    We will fully setup your new PC, from un-boxing and connection, all the way to Login and Accounts setup! Have old files you don't want to lose? Yeah, we can do that too!

    So, if you want to try and save one that's been good to you for years, or want a bright and shiny new machine, we've got you covered! We can even build one from the ground up for you!

Not really sure what you need? Let us help!

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Image by Panos Sakalakis

New PC Setup


*Un-box, connect all wires and peripherals  to PC or laptop, help with Accounts login and setup. Education on PC

Image by Michael Geiger

PC Diagnostic and Repair


*Establish cause of PC malfunction. Recommend or order new components as necessary. Repair software issues when possible.

Image by Brett Jordan

Printer or Other Accessory


*Printer connection and testing (WiFi or wired) Accessory connected and tested.

Image by Balkouras Nicos

Custom PC Build


*From Gaming Rig, to Office PC, let us give a quote on a brand new build!

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